We welcome you to our South Broward Montessori Charter School!

We pride ourselves on being an authentic Montessori school with a 21st-century approach to education.

Our school provides a quality learning environment focused on preparing children for their future by providing them with the necessary tools and resources to develop superior levels of academic and interpersonal achievement. It is our mission to offer an individualized child-centered curriculum that includes movement, manipulation, and discovery within a multi-aged classroom; utilizing the Montessori Methodology and Philosophy. Our goal is to instill a sense of wonder about the universe and the child’s place within and to teach the importance of peace and how it affects the world around us. Our classrooms extend into the community, creating a web of exchange among community members, families, and teachers.

Our Teachers

Natalia Lopez

4th Grade

Alexis Tye

Kindergarten Teacher

Wendy Peralta

First Grade Teacher

Rachel Pulido

3rd Grade

Olmary Rodriguez

Kindergarten Teacher

Cintia Aguilar

First Grade Teacher

Sonia Gray

Support Staff

Yolanda Cruz

5th Grade

Lisett Domenech


Tamika Quallo

2nd Grade

Anna Pulido

4th Grade

Delia Boboc

2nd Grade

Dominique Collins

3rd Grade

Rico Brooks


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