Principal's Message

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Dr. Maria Montessori once said, “Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment.” At SBMCS, we believe these words still hold true even today. Below are some of the experiential activities that take place at our school.


Cosmic Education

Children are curious and explorers by nature. The Cosmic Education curriculum is a natural fascination as it opens doors to discoveries that spark imagination and creativity. Our students are ushered into the world of learning through the Five Great Lessons. The Montessori method presents to the child a means of discovering knowledge from varying perspectives, histories, and cultures. This curriculum connects the child to the universe and provides a purpose for learning. Embedded in this curriculum are many academic areas like physical and life sciences, biology, humanities, geography, and others.  This curriculum sets up the child to understand his or her place in the immediate environment and the universe. It helps children to find meaningful answers to questions like: Who am I? Where am I? Why am I here? 


Language Arts

We combine didactic Montessori materials with research-based practices to provide enriching learning experiences to our students. Students can construct meaningful knowledge through these materials because they are designed to help them judge if they are making progress or otherwise. Students can choose different language arts materials from classroom shelves to learn different skills and concepts. Differentiated instruction is a daily occurrence in our classrooms as the language curriculum is tailored to meet different learning styles and abilities. 



Imagine classroom shelves filled with aesthetically pleasing materials that help you to discover abstract concepts in a meaningful way! This imagination is the reality in our classrooms. The study of Math is fun in our environment as our students get to interact with a variety of science-based materials that provide in-depth understanding of even the most complex math concepts. 


Many other enriching academic and social-development programs are also available to ensure that our students are knowledgeable in all elementary-level academic areas and prepared for life. Every day in our environment is an opportunity to discover something pleasant and new. For more details about academics and social development programs, please explore the Academics and Parent Information sections on our website.


To learn more about our program, please click here to schedule a tour. We are very excited to partner with you in offering the very best to your children, our future leaders. Welcome!


Elizabeth Kpenkaan, Principal