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Livia Moreno

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I am a Curriculum Director and Parent Liaison.

Before my current role, I worked as a science and math teacher for 5 years. I love helping parents and guiding them to provide better education for their children!


My name is Livia Moreno and I am the Parent Liaison here at South Broward Montessori. My role is to support our families by providing access to information and resources needed to promote the academic and social success of our students.

I am happy to help you get involved and navigate your path through the Broward Public School system and our Montessori Curriculum. All of our conversations are strictly confidential so don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

We want all of our parents to feel at home at South Broward Montessori and encourage you to be active in our school community.  There are opportunities for everyone, no matter your schedule.



  • Volunteer opportunities in your child’s classroom (many teachers even have projects that can be done from home)

  • Getting involved with the PTA; assist with or attend an event with your child

  • Volunteer at events to help your child get the most out of school events

Most of all, stay informed!

Check your child’s backpack and folder regularly for important information.  The school website is updated continuously with information on events and activities around the school and our community.

In our caring community, we have found many of you are eager to help others in times of need.  For that reason, SBMCS Community has created a Facebook page.

Find us on Facebook at 


Throughout the year, as needs arise, I will reach out to all parents. 

Requests may include purchasing/donating an item, providing holiday gifts, spreading the word on clothing and food drives, or donating a service.  If you wish to remain anonymous in your giving, you can message me directly.

All information remains confidential with respect of the families being assisted.

If you are a family who anticipates needing assistance of any kind this year, please contact me directly.

I’m here to support you and your family any way I can. My office hours are listed below. 


I am also available by appointment at your convenience. 

You can reach me via email anytime at 


I look forward to seeing you!

Monday -Friday  8:30 AM – 2:00 PM


Parent Liaison: Livia Moreno

Click here to email Parent Liaison

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