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What is a Parent Liaison?

A Parent Liaison is an LCPS staff member (not a volunteer) who works to bridge the gap between home and school by helping parents get the information and support they need to ensure their child’s academic and social success. As a parent, you have a private link, connection, and bridge to your child’s school.

A LIAISON is the contact person who initiates a close connection/relationship and maintains that communication/link between two parties in order to ensure concerted action and cooperation toward agreed-upon goals on both sides.

Your Parent Liaison can connect you to important information 

  •  Scholarships

  •  Contacting Teachers and Counselors

  •  School Dress Code

  •  Absentee Calls

  •  Kindergarten Registration

  •  Special Education

  •  Summer School Tutoring

  •  The American School System

  •  School Expectations

  •  Graduation Requirements

  •  FSA Testing


Your Parent Liaison can connect you to available resources/help 

  •  School Supplies

  •  Public Library Use

  •  Athletic Programs

  •  Medical Assistance/Glasses

  •  After School Programs


Your Parent Liaison can help you make a comfortable connection with the school 

  •  Back to School Nights

  •  Parent/Teacher Conferences

  •  Calls

  •  Notes

  •  Get Help from Interpreters

  •  Volunteering

  • PTA Members


Your Parent Liaison can connect you to support in crisis situations (emotional, physical, and academic) 

  •  Housing

  •  Accidents

  •  Illness

  •  Bullying

  •  Attendance/Tardiness

  •  Substance and Physical Abuse

  •  Food

  •  Family Deaths

  •  At-Risk of Failing

How can I contact the Parent Liaison at my school?

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