Get to Know your Child's Teacher

Small acts of kindness - are forever remembered!

They are a valuable part in your child’s life, guiding them through lessons, new assignments, and virtual learning when needed.

Get to know them and say thank you


Now it’s time to say thank you to teachers who made all the difference!



Mrs. Olmary Rodriguez “Ms. Olmary” is a Kindergarten teacher in the Cypress Room. She is passionate about the Montessori method and utilizing the best reading practices and resources to support the development of literacy skills in students.

Ms. Olmary has been part of the South Broward Montessori Charter School community for 5 academic school years. She has an Associate AMS Credential in Early Childhood from the Montessori Teacher Training Institute, Florida. She is continuing her education in the bachelor’s and master’s program from Phoenix University.  As a true Montessorian, she is always trying to find ways to help the community at large and guide students toward reaching their highest potential.


Ms. Alexis Tye “Ms. Lexi” is a Kindergarten teacher in the Mangrove Room. She has a flare for teaching and spreading love and kindness. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education from the University of Kentucky. After moving from Kentucky to Florida, Ms. Lexi continued her education to earn her Florida Educator Certificate to teach children from Birth through 3rd grade. So far, she has had 4 years of teaching experience and is looking forward to many more, especially in our Montessori community. She is very family-oriented, loves to craft, and spoil her adorable 4-year old Shih Tzu, Arlie.



First Grade

Mrs. Cintia Aguilar “Ms. Cintia” is a first-grade teacher in the Mangrove Room. She is also the school’s 504 Liaison and ESE specialist. A Montessorian at heart, Ms. Cintia loves teaching and has an unflinching belief that all students are capable of learning and that providing concrete materials to students is crucial to their understanding of abstract concepts.

 She has a bachelor’s in Psychology from Florida International University and a master’s in Special Education from Barry University. She also holds an AMS Montessori Credential in Early Childhood from the Summit Montessori Teacher Training Institute.

 Ms. Cintia was born and raised in Honduras and has been happily married for 5 years. She is the mother of a 19-month-old boy. She loves spending time with her family and cooking. Her favorite quote is, “The children you teach may not remember you when you get older, but they always will have a part of you inside them… the part that gave them hope, love and taught them to believe in themselves.” – Marylin Appelbaum. She started with the school in 2014, after a brief break, she returned last year to continue being a part of the school community.


Mrs. Wendy Peralta “Ms. Wendy” is a first-grade teacher in the Cypress Room. She is very passionate about the Montessori philosophy. Her goal is to have an environment where her students feel loved, safe, have their voices heard, and know that they are important.

 Ms. Wendy has a bachelor’s in Modern Languages with a major in English from Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. She also has an AMS Montessori Credential in Early Childhood from Centro de Entrenamiento Maria Montessori, Dominican Republic. She is currently working on obtaining her P-3 Florida Teacher certification. Ms. Wendy has taught children ages 3 to 6 for twelve years, this year marks her third year working for our school. She is happily married and loves to spend time with her loved ones.



Second Grade

Ms. Delia A. Boboc “Ms. Delia” is a second-grade teacher in the Oak Room. She has an Associate AMS Credential in Early Childhood from the Montessori Teacher Training Institute. Ms. Delia has been teaching for 9 years with 6 of those years at South Broward Montessori Charter School. She has taught preschool to third grade as a Montessori teacher. A staunch believer in the Montessori motto: follow the child, Ms. Delia views herself as a life-long learner for the purpose of meeting each student’s needs. She is currently enrolled at Union Institute and University, Florida, and is working on her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Early Childhood Education and Organizational Leadership respectively.

She considers herself fortunate to be a Montessori teacher because the method creates upstanding citizens of the world and future leaders in our community. In her free time, she loves spending quality time with her daughter.


Ms. Natalia Lopez “Ms. Natalia” is a second-grade teacher in the Oak Room. She is very passionate about learning, creating, and molding the future of children. She has a bachelor’s in Early Childhood from Union Institute University. She is ESOL-endorsed and has a Montessori diploma in Early Childhood from the North American Montessori Center. She has 8 years of Montessori teaching experience and this is her 4th year with our school.  She is the proud mother of a beautiful 5-year old daughter.


Third Grade


Mrs. Carmen Garcia “Ms. Carmen” is a third-grade teacher in Pine Room. Teaching children is one of her greatest passions. Ms. Carmen has a Bachelor of Arts in Child Development from Florida International University (FIU). She comes with a wealth of experience: she taught preschool children for 8 years and elementary-level students for 4 years. Ms. Carmen is very excited to be part of the school community and looks forward to learning more about the Montessori method. She was born in New Jersey and loves her Dominican Republic culture. She loves to spend time with her husband and two boys, ages 13 and 7.


Fourth Grade

Ms. Anna Pulido “Ms. Anna” is a 4th-grade teacher in the Palm Room. She was raised in a Montessori environment and has come to view the method as a big part of her life. In Ms. Anna’s own words, “I strive for the infamous ‘Ah-ha!’ moment the children get when a problem is finally solved by them and them alone, that is what being a Montessori teacher truly is about for me.”


Ms. Pulido has two bachelor’s degrees: Psychology with a focus on Child Psychology and Sociology from Florida International University. She also has an associate degree in Education from Broward College. She has an AMS Montessori Credential in Lower Elementary from Summit Montessori Teacher Training Institute and is currently working on completing her Upper Elementary Montessori certification. Ms. Anna is proficient in American Sign Language and has a good understanding of spoken and written Spanish. She is also well-versed in music theory and has played both the piano and flute. Ms. Pulido has been teaching for more than 7 years and this is her third year teaching at our school.

Fifth Grade

Mrs. Yolanda Cruz “Ms. Yolanda” is a fifth-grade teacher in Palm Room. She is impassioned about reading and is a great proponent of the idea that literacy is the key to success in all other academic subjects.

Ms. Yolanda has a bachelor’s in Elementary Education from Turabo Univerity, Puerto Rico.

She has more than 30 years of teaching experience with 10 of those years in a Montessori classroom. This is her second year at our school.

She is from Puerto Rico and a proud mom of two grown-up children. Some of her hobbies are reading, crocheting, dancing, and watching sports.  She enjoys long trips and loves to learn about other cultures, on her bucket list is a great desire to visit Australia.


Instructional Support Staff


Mrs. Rachel Pulido “Ms. Rachel” is an assistant Montessori teacher. She is fervent about enabling students to explore their own interests and take ownership of their own learning. She has an Associate MACTE Montessori certificate from Southwestern University, Texas.

Ms. Rachel comes with a wealth of experience: she has served as a presenter at several Montessori conferences, was an instructor at a Montessori training institute, and helped to found, develop and conduct the Lower Elementary program for one of the schools she worked at. She has taught for more than 20 years as a Montessori teacher and this is her third year with our school. She enjoys photography, going to museums, and observing nature.

Ms. Zueseline Cintron “Ms. Zue” is an assistant teacher. She also serves as a floater and works with teachers and students in all the grade levels. One thing that gives her great joy is to provide opportunities for creativity to thrive in students. Ms. Zue is eager to learn more about the Montessori philosophy and looks forward to many more years as a member of our school community.




Mrs. Lisset Domenech “Ms. Lisset” is the art teacher at South Broward Montessori Charter School. The Montessori message of social justice resonates with her belief system; one of her main goals is to create awareness of the social justice issues in her community. She aspires to provide quality learning opportunities, especially, to impoverished, and at-risk students.

She has two bachelors’: Education Visual Art from Pedagogic Enrique Jose Varona and Elementary Teacher from Presidente Allende, both in Habana, Cuba. She has been with our school since 2017.


Mr. Jorico Brooks “Coach Rico” is the P.E. teacher at South Broward Montessori Charter. He is also the aftercare and after-school sports program planner, where he combines group and individual fitness exercises to help promote self-confidence and teamwork. He enjoys teaching students about health and wellness.

He is currently enrolled and working on his bachelor’s degree in Sports and Fitness from Florida International University (FIU).  He has an associate degree in Health and Fitness from Bryan University. This is his third year at our school. One fun fact about Coach Rico is that he absolutely loves socks!




Office Manager

Mrs. Nancy Monroe “Ms. Nancy” is excited to continue her 2nd year at South Broward Montessori Charter. Her passion for education began 20 years ago at Harvard University where she worked as Project Assistant for the Academic and Professional Programs for Latin American students. She has a master’s degree in Marketing and Sales from Fundacion Universitaria INPAHU, Colombia, and a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts, from Excelsior College, New York.

 Ms. Nancy is a powerful force in the workplace and indefatigable in encouraging others to work hard and succeed. She seeks to always provide a welcoming, relaxing, and safe space where she can meet the needs of the school community.

Ms. Nancy is inspired daily by her husband Tony and their son, Anthony. In her free time, she likes to hike, bike, cook, and read.


Administrative Services Coordinator

Dr. Caridad Ramos “Ms. Ramos” has always had a passion for education and was a biology teacher for more than 10 years before her current role in the administration. She heads the school lunch program (SLP), serves as the ESOL contact, Testing Coordinator, Information Management Technician, among many other administrative roles.

She has a doctorate degree in Education with a concentration in Instructional Technology and Distance Education, and a master’s degree in Science Education from Nova Southeastern University. She also has a master’s in Organizational Behavior Studies and a bachelor’s degree in Biology Education from Catholic Andres Bello University in Caracas, Venezuela.  Ms. Ramos is in her 6th year with our school.


Curriculum Director/Parent Liaison


Ms. Livia del Mar Moreno “Ms. Livia” is our Curriculum Director and Parent Liaison.

Before her current role, she worked with the school as the science and math teacher for 5 years where she provided a Montessori-based environment for students to flourish and discover the world through research and experiments. With devotion and passion, she has served the school community and worked with parents to provide positive and quality experiences for our students.

 She has a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Science with a specialization in Agricultural Education from the University of Puerto Rico, and a master's in Education: Curriculum and Instruction, from Ana G. Mendez University System, Miami, Florida.  Her motto is that being kind, caring, empathetic, passionate, and funny can positively impact students. This is her second year as an administrative staff and first year as the school’s curriculum director.

Ms. Livia is from Puerto Rico and the proud mom of a teenager who is 14 years old.



Ms. Elizabeth Kpenkaan “Ms. Elizabeth” serves as the school leader of our school. Previously a small business owner in Nigeria, she could not resist the allure of the Montessori message of world peace, respect, empathy, and social justice. This allure led to her current path in Montessori education. She has more than 5 years of classroom teaching experience, ranging from preschool to fifth-grade level. She also worked as an adjunct, graduate assistant, and was the Interim Montessori Program Director at Barry University shortly before her current role as principal of our school.


Ms. Elizabeth has a specialist degree in Montessori Elementary along with an AMS Montessori Credential in Elementary I and II from Barry University. She obtained a Master of Art in Teaching in Early Childhood with a Georgia State Certification (P-5) from Armstrong State University in Savannah, Georgia. Also, she has an AMS Montessori Credential in Early Childhood from Fountainhead Montessori Adult Education/California State University. Her other degrees include a bachelor’s in Economics from Ahmadu Bello University and a master’s in Business Administration with a specialization in Banking and Finance from Benue State University, both located in Nigeria. Ms. Elizabeth is currently enrolled in the Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction program with a specialization in Reading, Literacy, and Cognition at Barry University. This is her second year as principal.

She enjoys the beach, reading suspense/mystery novels, journaling, and loves to spend quality time with her sons ages 21, 18, and 10.