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Image by Leslie Cross

3rd Grade


     Ms. Lisset                                                 Ms. Astrid       

Hello my name is Lisset. 

I have a Master's Degree in Education with extensive professional experience in primary schools. My mission is to provide enriching
opportunities to students and promote enrollment in higher education and the pursuit of individual goals and potentials. I have been part of the Educational profession and an organizational leader for over 35 years offering professional excellence. I love to
focus on results and enthuse my students through fun and engaging lessons that help develop disciplined in a high-performing environment.

Hello I am Ms. Astrid. I am the 3rd grade Pine classroom ELA and Social Studies teacher. I have a degree in Liberal Studies which includes History, Economics, Political Science and Philosophy. My professional background is in healthcare, social work and education. I love working with children and families. I also love traveling, coffee and yoga.


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