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Research continues to emphasize the importance of parent involvement in promoting school success.  At the same time, lack of participation among parents of socially and culturally diverse students is also well-documented.  Today’s families constantly deal with stress that impacts students’ abilities to participate in academic and extra-curricular school activities.  If schools are to do an effective job of educating their increasingly diverse populations of students, they must find ways to communicate and build more cooperative working relationships with parents.


Parent Liaisons:                                               

·            Facilitate parent-school communication;

·            Facilitate community agency referrals;

·            Encourage parent involvement in the school;                       

·            Foster trust between parents and the educational community

·            Foster higher academic achievement through collaboration with school personnel.

The primary role of the Parent Liaison is to empower parents to become active participants in the education of their children.  Targeted are those parents who:

·      Need help in determining how best to help their children

·      Infrequent participants in school activities

·      May need clarification of their role in the educational process

·      Need assistance in making connections and accessing services.

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